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De Las Mias  approached HelloNimble after being awarded a $1M federal innovation grant to create a digital experience that addressed the current healthcare crisis in the Latina community, De Las Mias had deep healthcare market expertise, but no previous experience building digital assets.


 How did we develop a product people care about?


  • Collaborative Workshops

    Working collaboratively the team was able to reframe the purpose of the product from a fitness app to a culturally relevant behavioral change app.

  • Market Research

    Once they reframed the purpose of their product we were able to gather focused data that allowed De Las Mías to better empathize with their stakeholders and end users.

  • Vision & Strategy Development

    Using their new purpose and quantitative data, De Las Mías was able to collaboratively create a vision of the future that enable HelloNimble to create a strategy to reach their goals and better serve their audience.

  • Capability Planning

    Once a strategy was in place, HelloNimble assisted in the project plan development, tool selection and acquisition and onboarding of a cross disciplinary team consisting of 30+ members.



HelloNimble is a solutions-oriented company. They are deft design thinkers and doers. From skillfully facilitating a day-long workshop that resulted in actionable next steps and realistic timeline to providing simple visual representations of complex frameworks, their contributions to our team have proven invaluable. This may have been the first time we worked together, but I hope it won't be the last.


Sada Naegelin - Co-Founder, De Las Miás